Monday, September 3, 2012

Last Days.

The bible says "in the last days, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh..." There's more to the scripture, but I want to focus on the part where it says, "Last Days".
Have you ever thought about your last days? I thought much more about it. It was the first thing that popped into my head after I read a post that Dr. Cranquis reblogged today. You can view his post here. It got me thinking. I’m always thinking of my last days at some point, due to chronic illness, because my days may have a shorter number. And, without giving too much away, one of my character’s days are also numerically shorter than most. I’ve composed the character’s bucket list. And I’ve been playing around with the thought of composing mine. Call it a bucket list, or a wish list, or whatever. Some of my entries are fun, and some are more serious and thought provoking. And these are in no certain order.
My Bucket/Wish List:
  • Become a famous writer, like Stephen King (without the zombies and indian burial grounds), V. C. Andrews (without all of the fake pregnancies and overabundance of secrets), or J. K. Rowling (minus the magic spells) or even Stephanie Meyer (minus the sparkly vampires and werewolves).
  • Become a doctor with two specialties; epidemiology and neurology.
  • Travel/Live someplace where the season is Autumn all year long or travel to places where it’s Fall during our Summer!
  • Get a tummy tuck. Find excuses and clothes in order to show off the doctor’s handiwork! (I’ve seriously never had a flat stomach, not since I was nine, not even when I was 99 lbs.)
  • Crowd surf at a concert. (I wish it could be a Ramones concert, or a White Stripes concert. Any suggestions would be helpful.)
  • Travel about Europe, and see ALL OF IT! (Not just England, France, and Scotland!)
  • Try single malt Scotch, something oaky and at least twenty years old. (Before any of my Christian friends think I've gone off of the deep end, I just want to try it, not get drunk!)
  • Try a martini. Already did that, and I wasn’t impressed. The olives were good, though.
  • Go to Japan. See the view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. (On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji!) See the rainbow bridge. See the Osaka sun. Take a rickshaw ride with my husband. Hold hands with said husband as we see the shinto shrines. Try Sake. Look at every single manhole cover. (They’re all different!) 
  • Fall in love with my husband all over again.
  • Never lose sight of what’s really and truly important. (God, Family, Country.)
  • See my book series become a movie or television series and REALLY see my characters come to life!
  • Have enough money to take care of myself, my husband, my family, and some of my friends.
  • Meet every single one of my friends from the internet.
  • Go to Australia. Meet Lori, Chop, and Bump, and some of her mates that she talks about on Random Ramblings of a Stay At Home like Bunny. (Lori is the writer of the blog, and talks about her experiences as a wife and mother, and dealing with life after the death of her husband. It’s her story to tell, so I won’t divulge any more details.)
  • Meet the writers of the Houston Chronicle’s Good Mom Bad Mom Blog, Jenny Lawson and Mindy Sterba, and their families!
  • Go to Corpus Christi.
  • Laugh until I cry at the very least once per day.
  • Have one more night with my friend Shelly#2 and truly go back to the way things were before. (My favorite memory of us was when we were hanging out in my bed, goofing off on our respective laptop computers, and I suddenly starting singing, “Doug is going to kick us out” to the tune of LL Cool J’s, "Momma Said Knock You Out." *lol* Anyway, we were laughing so hard, we were crying. And I know we were so loud. And Shelly#2 started joining in. And when we both got to the “chorus” part of the song, I sang, “So why does the Douglas always scream and shout,” and Shelly#2 and I sang in unison, "SHELLY(E)S, GET YOUR BUTTS OUT!” We stayed up until five a.m. laughing uncontrollably. And no, we weren’t under the influence of anything, just lack of sleep and caffeine. We told my husband about it the next day, and Shelly#2 said, “I sing that in the shower!” *LOLROFLMBO* I miss her. She and I were like Turk and J.D. on Scrubs. She was there for me at the beginning of my book, and I'm hoping she will be there for the end, but things change, and sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop them.)
  • To see all of my friends happy, healthy, and successful.
  • To see all of my family members happy, healthy, and successful, ALL OF THEM, including my husband’s family.
  • For a cure to be found for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (all forms of muscular dystrophy for that matter) so my nephew can have a future and a hope.
  • To have at least one child, even if it’s just through adoption.
  • To prove the impossible really exists.
  • To take life by the horns and prove that I can indeed do it all.
  • To truly love myself, love my body, and realize that I am beautiful.
  • To realize how far I’ve truly come.
  • To always have enough backbone to stand up for myself and to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.
  • To die on my feet and not live on my knees.
  • To become a healthier, happier person in every aspect of my life.
  • To kick OCD’s butt and leave it somewhere to die!
  • Go to New York. Maybe even live there.
  • Go to California.
  • Go skiing/snowboarding.
  • Play softball/basketball on a team.
  • Relax for once in my life. Preferably in front of a large stone fireplace!
  • Have a “Hangover” experience in Vegas with three close friends! (Maybe not.)
  • See Jamie Jones deejay live in London!
  • Leave behind a legacy.
  • Save a life…(I do not necessarily mean as a doctor either.)
  • Make sure everyone knows how important they are to me before I leave this world.
  • To be a good role model.
  • On my last day, I want to be surrounded by the people who are most important to me. I want a few moments alone with each of them, especially my mother and my husband. I would give my husband permission to move on with his life when the opportunity arose. I wouldn’t want him to spend his life mourning me. I would want him to find someone who makes him happy, someone who is healthy, who likes bowling and camping (two things I hate, but he loves) and someone who requires less care. Definitely someone who is not as high maintenance as I am, or as strict as I am, or as sick as I am, someone who is soft spoken and kind, not blatantly honest and harsh, like I am. And someone who loves to be snuggled 24/7. Someone who will take care of him even better than I did or could. And I would tell my mother that she was the best. She really was. I would tell her how she inspired me, and showed me that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. She did. She’s an amazing woman, and she’s my hero. I could not have asked for a better mother. And I would apologize because I’m sure I could have been a better daughter. (I should just apologize for my teen years altogether! I was so stuck on stupid that I’m not sure how she or I survived it!)
  • For everyone to remember me and laugh. I’m serious! I want my funeral to be like that commercial that was on in 2004, where the guy is rocking out to Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” and when the camera zooms out, the guy is in the passenger side of a hearse and everyone is looking at him! *LOL* That’s what I want done on my way to the cemetery. I want two speakers in the back with my casket and for “Another One Bites the Dust” to be played loudly. I want my family and friends to have one last laugh. (I LOVE to make people laugh, but I wouldn’t be a very good comedian because I wouldn’t use some of the content most comedians use.) Alas, my husband refuses to fulfill this last wish.
That about sums it up. Some of these made me laugh uncontrollably. Some of these made me cry uncontrollably.
If I have inspired you to compose your wish list, please share it with me.