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Support Indie Authors.

Greetings and Salutations, readers! I hope everyone has been doing well. Comment and let me know how 2015 is going for you!

I'm not here to talk about the events and happenings in my life. I'm here to discuss the support of indie authors and to promote one of my favourite indie authors, Kira Adams. Before I put the spotlight on her, I would like to talk a little about supporting indie authors.

I enlarged this so everyone could read it.

Indie Authors are just as amazing as regular authors. The difference between us and authors is that we have to promote ourselves, using social networking websites, blogs, and the like. Unfortunately, there are other indie authors and social networking website users who will try to undercut indie authors by leaving a bad review to drop book ratings and rankings, and those who will report promotional posts as harassment. We don't have PR people to advertise for us. It's all on us. Be respectful. If you don't want to see promotional posts, there is a little down arrow on the right top corner on Facebook posts that will bring down an options menu. Click on it and select "I don't want to see this". It's as simple as that. 

It's not that difficult.

If you love an indie author's book, review it, tell your friends about it, like the indie author's page, and invite your friends to have a dekko at their page and like it. Send a message to the indie author and personally tell them how much you enjoyed their work! I recently found out that I had two serious fans, and that meant more to me than the money I've made so far. All authors, not just us indies, want their readers to fall in love with the characters as much as they have. The money is nice, but that's not the point. The fans are what's important.

Leave a review, an honest but fair review.

I cannot stress this enough. The best way to support an indie author is to leave a review. Make it an honest and fair review. Constructive criticism helps us to improve our skills and produce quality books in the process. 

When did readers become so picky? I used to follow a page called IABB on Facebook, It was an indie author confessions type of page. I didn't see many confessions from indie authors. All I saw was hateful remarks from readers stating why they won't buy an indie author's book. They whinged about everything! It made me angry, so I unliked and unfollowed the page. I'm not that bloody picky! If the book is that good, I'm not going to nitpick at every grammatical error or a few misspelled words! If the mistakes are so bad that I can't read the book, that's a different story entirely, but I still wouldn't trash an indie author. I may contact them and kindly explain to them why I couldn't finish the book, or if I have time, I'd be willing to help them by editing. We're in this together. Let's help each other out instead of cut each other down.

In the beginning, our books are not perfect, but everyone starts out slow. The thing is once you get to the top, you have nowhere to go but down. Remember that.

Show an Indie Author Love.
Read and Review.

I will stop whinging and get to the second reason I am here. I'm here to support one of my favourite indie authors, Kira Adams! Not only is her new book, Emerging From The Darkness being released on March 31st, she has re-released Into The Darkness. It is free on Amazon now through March 30th! You can purchase it here.

This is the cover!

And now it's confession time. This is a REAL confession from a REAL indie author, not a whinging picky reader. I wish I could remember who promoted Kira's book, but someone put it out there on Facebook. (This is why promotion is important.) I clicked on the link. The ebook was $0.99 on Amazon, and I immediately purchased it. Now for the confession. The reason I was drawn to the book was because (and try not to laugh) there was a redhead on the cover. I know, that may sound ridiculous, but that will make me purchase an ebook quicker than anything. Fall covers are my second favourite. (Put a redhead surrounded by Autumn trees covered with colourful fall leaves and my mind might just explode!) For some reason, it's not the same with hard copy book covers, but I do like being able to look at the characters. 

Now a warning: if you put a character on the cover and I can't picture him or her the way he or she is depicted, just gets confusing. V.C. Andrews' ghost writer has done that with a character called Jordan March. The little girl was a sufferer of precocious puberty. She was depicted as a brunette. No matter how many times I stopped and looked at the cover, I COULD NOT picture her as a brunette. She was blond haired in my mind, and my mind refused to believe anything else. 

It was the same with Sidney Sheldon's Rage of Angels. My nine year old brain saw Jennifer Parker's character looking like Melissa Reeves from Days of Our Lives. There was no picture on the cover of the copy I read to tell me otherwise, even though the book describes Jennifer Parker as a brunette.

Kira has NEVER done this, wrote a character that I couldn't picture as how she described them. I can clearly picture the character on the cover in great detail. I can hear their voice. She has perfected this.

I'm getting off track here, so let's move on to the teasers! Before I do, I don't want to forget to mention that I LOVED Into the Darkness! I couldn't put it down! I read it in approximately two hours! Now she's re-releasing it? How can you improve what I thought was perfection?!? I seriously cannot wait to read the re-released version! Did I mention that you can purchase it here?

The story begins with Ike and Cullen, along with other members of the military, being briefed on top secret military affairs in an undisclosed location (which you will find out when you read the book). Meanwhile everyone is just going about their daily lives. Think about your daily routine for a moment. Picture others grocery shopping, driving their kids to school, or home from school, or to some sort of after school activity. While everyone is engaged in their routines, all of Hell is breaking loose. Nobody realizes it. (I'm being secretive, because I wasn't expecting anything that took place! I want other readers to be just as surprised) They're just doing their thing. 

The news reports a curfew, to which main character Phoenix doesn't adhere. She's a rebel. She wants to go out on her date. She doesn't care about the curfew. So she does what she does best and rebels. She goes out on her date. When she returns home, she is shocked at what she finds...

During the midst of chaos, Phoenix and Ike cross paths. They later meet up with Cullen and a few others, as well as dangers untold, betrayal, and loss. It's all about survival, which includes learning who you can and cannot trust. (The rules of society have changed dramatically.)

DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MINIMUM OF THREE HOURS!!!! I say this because you will not be able to put it down!!!!

If this re-release of what I already thought was the most perfect book ever wasn't enough, Kira is releasing the second book in the series, Emerging From The Darkness! (I can't wait to see the cover!)

OMG!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can check out Kira Adams and the woman behind the author, Krista Pakseresht​ on Facebook, and Amazon. She's written many other books, including The Infinite Love Series, which contains the four books, Learning To Live, My Forever, Beautifully Broken, and Against All Odds. I recently shared a post promoting the Infinite Love Series. She has an awesome street team, in which I am involved. (That's not why it's awesome though.) And you can purchase the re-released copy of Into The Darkness here.

Support the Indie Authors you love! I have a list that I absolutely adore. Krista Pakseresht/Kira Adams is on that list, as well as Casey Bond, Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson, JB Stilwell, Annalisa Nicole, Cathy Jackson, and many more! (Ladies, if you would send me teasers, I'd be happy to do a spotlight post on the wonderful books I have read or currently reading!)

Pick up your copy of Into The Darkness today through March 31st for free on Amazon!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vacation All I Ever Wanted...Or Was It?

Greetings and Salutations!

Before I forget...

I'm not a fan of Spring because the insects return and Summer is just around the corner. That's when the depression kicks in and I don't want to leave my home. I just want to stay in the air conditioning and pray that the wasps don't enter my house. Nobody cares, so I'll belt up.

I'm finally getting a chance to write about my long, strange trip to Washington DC. I have mixed feelings about our nation's capital, and I'll get to that in a moment. I will say it is something everyone should do once. If they are made of money. And healthy.

As most trips go for us, they are required to start out with a bit of drama. We ALWAYS have drama with the rental car company. We thought we could avoid it by using the same company we used last time, but it didn't pan out. They changed the rules since we last rented a car from them. We tried several others, which put us hours behind, so we finally had to take our car, which is on its last legs. I must say I'm proud of how well it did!

They're telling the truth. It Hertz to rent a car from their company!

The day we left was my nephew's fourth birthday! (This is also my cousin Heather's birthday and PI Day, 3/14.)

My sister-in-law Stacey made this collage of Pauly's birthdays!
I can't believe he's four now!

The trip up went well. It was beautiful! I saw real mountains! (They call WV the mountain state, but do you know there are actually no mountains there?)

Some of the views we witnessed on the way to Washington DC.

I was thrilled when we made it to the hotel so I could just lie in bed and do nothing. The hotel was spectacular! It even had a mini fridge so Doug could grab frappies for me. We never know what the coffee situation is where we stay, we have provisions on hand. (If the hotel had a coffee shop. then I would use it instead.) We sat in the room for maybe thirty minutes. Doug called his paternal cousins, who I have never had the privilege of meeting, and we went over to visit with them.

There are a lot of rowhouses in DC, but don't let the outside appearance fool you.
They're spacious and gorgeous inside!

Meeting the paternal side of the family was the highlight of my trip to Washington DC. They were such nice people, and they treated me like one of their own. I also found out that I have two die hard fans of my book, Dormiveglia. That means so much more to me than the money I've made thus far. We had pie. One of them was "pi r squared", which made me giggle. We spent the majority of the evening visiting with them. I had the best time!

The next day, this is where the trip gets complicated, we slept in. We were exhausted. Washington DC should come with a warning label. There are things no one will tell you about visiting the nation's capital, so I'm going to be nice and give you helpful hints, tips, and advice. You may plan to go there, and you may not, but at least you will know in advance.

How to Properly Visit Washington DC. Tip #1:


I'm totally not teasing. If you sleep in, you will miss passes to EVERYTHING!

The plan was to go to the United States Holocaust Museum. Both entrances had lines longer than any I'd ever witnessed at King's Island. I'd be willing to wait in a line at King's Island now. Maybe not, but it certainly made the lines at the amusement park look small!

This brings me to my next point.

How to Properly Visit Washington DC. Tip #2:


The good news is that most places take plastic, so you don't have to carry tons of cash on your person in the middle of a crowded city. That was convenient. Doug doesn't like to carry cash unless he needs to use it.

This brings me to the next point.

How to Properly Visit Washington DC. Tip #3:


I wish I was joking, but I'm not. By the time we found a place to park, the line at the US Holocaust Museum was gone. We decided to go in and check it out. We had to go through a metal detector and and there was security everywhere, but I can totally understand and agree with that.

Most everything, aside from parking, is free in Washington DC. The problem is that if you sleep in (See point #1) by the time you get to your destination, they're out of passes. We saw a couple of exhibits that didn't require a pass, then we walked to the Washington Monument.

This was the one of the only monuments we saw.

Our first day was just lousy. It was supposed to be fifty degrees. I don't think it ever made it past forty, and the wind was 40 mph. No matter what direction we were walking, it was hitting us, pushing us back, and merciless. The best part was even though it was hitting us, no matter what direction we were in, my hair was in my face. I had to look at Doug's shoes so I could see to follow him! It was ridiculous! I was cold and tired and annoyed. To make matters worse, the monuments are miles apart.

And here we are at the next point.

How to Properly Visit Washington DC. Tip #4:


Again, I'm not joking. You can be older, but the point is that you have to be healthy. You have to be able to walk a minimum of ten miles without breaking a sweat. I am not young. I am not healthy. I thought I was doing pretty well until this trip. Then I was reminded that I'm not in the best health or shape. It was a revelation I didn't need. (It's not like my self-esteem needed more kicks to the head.)

Doug wanted to walk to the Lincoln Memorial. We couldn't even see it from where we were standing! I decided to give it a try. We made it to the World War II Memorial, and we could finally see the Lincoln Memorial in the distance. It was still too far away. I shook my head and I told Doug I had to make a choice. I could either make it to the Lincoln Memorial, or I could make it back to the parking garage. I couldn't do both. So we went back to the car. The wind was whipping around us. I actually got shoved back against the curb and almost fell into the street as we were less than a block from the parking garage. The wind was getting worse and worse as the day progressed.

The fountains weren't on while we were there.

The World War II Memorial.
Can you even see the Lincoln Memorial in this picture?
That's how far away we were!

I'm assuming this is the view from the Lincoln Memorial.
I wouldn't know. I never made it there.
This shows just how far away it was.
The reflecting pool was empty during our trip.

Everyone knows that Huntington WV is Barboursville WV's parking lot, but after my first day in DC, I have a little more respect for the city made almost entirely out of parking lots. (This city has torn down nice buildings to make parking lots! I used to HATE them for it!) You never have to walk far. You pay a minimum of five dollars to park.

We returned to visit the family, which again was something to which I greatly looked forward. On the short drive there, I fought to pull my purse sized compact brush through my wrecked from the wind hair. It took me the entire trip. By the time we got there, the wind had stopped. Ironic, huh?

We had dinner with my new loved ones, which was spectacular! I finally got to do something on my bucket list. I got to try scotch. I think it was fifteen year old Glenfiddich. My wanting to try it has to do with my career. I try to experience things that my characters do in order to properly write about them. I had a teeny tiny glass. I took two sips and I do not understand how my fictional character Peter drinks it! (I think he drinks Glenlivet or Laphroig, but I could be wrong. He prefers twenty year old scotch too. I can only imagine how strong that is!) It was so strong, and it burned! It is definitely an acquired taste. My fictional character must have no taste buds, or maybe he can just handle it better than I can, but kudos to him for being able to drink it!

Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky.

We visited after dinner, and had more pie and coffee for dessert. Then we had to call it a night. We took pictures and said our goodbyes. It made me sad to leave them. I would love to go visit them again. I'm even willing to brave the trip and DC just to see them again!

We returned to the hotel, where I proceeded to crash and burn. We had to get up early the next morning and try to make it to the US Holocaust Museum before the passes were gone. I could barely move when I woke up the next morning. I kept limping around, trying to get ready. Standing in the shower was fun. I would have had a bath, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get out of the tub!

We left early, but not early enough. (See point #1 again.) The garage we went to the day before was full. (See point #3.) And we had to find somewhere else to park, which was farther away. (See point #4.) Thankfully it was the same amount of money to park there.

I felt like sobbing as we walked to the museum, because my hips felt like they were going to break or dislocate with each step. We made it to the museum. There were passes still available, thank God. We sat and waited for our turn.

Before we were taken up in the elevator, we were given a small booklet. In the booklet was a name and a picture of someone in the holocaust. They were given according to gender. A woman who worked at the museum talked to us before our elevator went up to the exhibit. Her parents had both survived the holocaust, which was why she worked there. Then we were sent upstairs. Did I mention I'm not a fan of elevators? I'm even less of a fan of crowded ones! But it was a very short trip to the next floor, and we were not packed in like sardines like we were in King's Island's Eiffel Tower lift.

The first part of the exhibit was encased in glass. We stood in a long line and read the descriptions. There was so much reading, and I wore my contacts, which was a bad idea, but it was sunny and with my wonderful severe light sensitivity issues, I knew I would need to wear sunglasses while in the car. Halfway through the exhibit, I was going cross eyed from all of the reading and straining to see through the glass cases with the reflections of people in the glass behind me. I gave up and began reading what was important. An hour of our time was spent trying to read everything.

No matter how many books I've read, pictures I've seen, and stories I've heard of the holocaust, they are still shocking to me. It's something to which I have not built a tolerance, or to which I'll never grow accustomed, desensitized is the word for which I'm searching. It just amazes me that one person started the hatred of a religious and ethnic group that carried on for over a decade. One person. That's all it took.

Another thing that is rarely mentioned about the holocaust is the fact that the Jewish people were not the only ones persecuted. Political prisoners, homosexuals, and the developmentally handicapped where tortured and killed. The homosexuals were forced to wear a black dot or a pink triangle on their clothing. Lesbians were punished to a lesser extent.

The pink triangle that gays were forced to wear.

While none of these groups deserved torture or death, I think what upsets me the most about this was the killing of the developmentally handicapped. People who hurt the developmentally handicapped, children, animals, and the elderly are just the lowest of the low in my opinion. It doesn't get any lower than that.

By the end of the first exhibit, we found benches, thank God! I had to sit. My body was screaming at me at this point. Once we rested, we went down a two mile long hallway, part of it was a sunway (for lack of a better word) of sorts, a hallway surrounded by windows all around. We ended up in a hall of pictures of those who were in the holocaust. Some of the pictures were so high that we couldn't see them. At this point, we had been in the museum over an hour, so I was thankful that there were restrooms along the way. Another mile long hallway took us to a more interactive exhibit, where we saw the replicas of gypsy wagons (gypsies or Roma were another group persecuted by the Nazis, as were blacks) and even a cattle train that shipped two thousand people at a time to the camps. Patrons could walk through the train. It was so small, I doubt two thousand people could fit comfortably in one of those train cars. I can't imagine how horrible it was.

Another mile and now a staircase (oh goody) took us to another part of the exhibit. Then another mile and another staircase and another mile, and more stairs, and so on and so forth, and my body was less than thrilled. There was so much to see. One area had thousands of shoes encased that where taken from the Jewish people. And the exhibits went in order for the most part, except for the first room. You had to read to figure out if you were going in the correct order. They were oddly placed.

There were also rooms with short films about the holocaust. We didn't go into any except for one, because they were all crowded. The one we watched was awesome though. One female survivor shared a story that made me cry, about how she met her husband. He was an American Jew who came to rescue survivors. He found her. She was with a group of female survivors. He called her and the other female survivors ladies, a term none of them had heard in years at that point. Doug already figured out that the man and woman sharing this story would end up married, but it was a surprise to me. Another guy, I can't repeat half of what he said, was part of the resistance. He was found out to be Jewish in a very crude way, again I'm not going to repeat it. But he survived. He was definitely a tough guy. I wouldn't mess with him!

And just when the end of the museum seemed so far away, it was over. Doug and I read our booklets. We both ended up getting stories of survivors! I had really hoped for a survivor, but for us both to get one was the best part!

The person in my booklet hid in the woods until the holocaust ended. She and her family actually hid underwater when the SS came to take people to the ghettos and the camps. Her mother disappeared. The story never went on to say what happened to the rest of her family, but it was written that she never saw her mother again. She hid in the woods and survived.

Doug's person worked with jewels, diamonds predominantly. He and his family were taken to a concentration camp, and he and his father were separated from the rest of the family, who were taken straight to the gas chambers. He and his father were kept alive in case the Nazis needed diamonds. They were liberated from the concentration camp in 1945. We were both elated to get survivors, as the woman who spoke before we went up the lift said many of the victims perished.

The US Holocaust Museum was the one place I wanted to go, so I'm thankful we finally got to do that. What I was not prepared for was all of the walking. I used up all of my energy fighting the wind on the first day, so we kept having to stop and rest along the way, me mostly. Doug kept wanting to get through it faster, but it was all I could do to get through it. I hope to go back some time when I have more energy to see everything, but I did see a great deal of it.

After we were finished at the museum, Doug wanted to go to some monuments, but I couldn't do it. All of the monuments we hadn't gone to were too far away. He wasn't thrilled, but I just couldn't do it. After he perused our options, which we could have taken a bus tour, but in order to catch the bus, we had to walk something around fifteen blocks, and I couldn't do that either, we headed back toward the car. As I stopped to rest, we saw a Starbucks, so Doug took me in to get coffee. We sat there for a couple of hours, drank coffee, and I rested. Then we made it back to the car.

From there, we had to find a store so Doug to get a few things he either forgot or didn't have at home when we packed, so we found a Walmart. Then he had to go to Office Depot. I was exhausted, unhappy, and hungry. I thought I was going to throw a party when we got back to the hotel. We had dinner and crashed.

The next day, I went to the mall. I bought books and sunglasses, my go to items. I was too tired to try on clothes. That just wasn't happening. Then we made the drive to visit my mother! That was the second highlight of my trip! Seeing my mother! I refused to be a little over two hours away and not go see her and Arlene. It was totally worth the extra trip. We had a nice dinner and visited before we had to leave for the hotel. Then we met her for lunch the next day. We went to a place called Pure Bread. They had soups, salads, and sandwiches named after dogs. *lol* Hence the name Pure Bread. (I looked for the Johnny sandwich, but I couldn't find it! Johnny is my favourite canine cousin!) It was packed. We had lunch before my mother had to return to work, and we had the long drive back.

It was sad having to leave her. I know, I'm in my thirties, and I still can't watch my mother drive off, or I'll sob uncontrollably. That has happened since I was three. I made the mistake of watching my father, with my mother in the passenger seat, back out of my grandmother's driveway and drive off, and I sobbed, and my grandmother had to call them to get me to calm down. And I loved staying with my grandmother and Janet, but watching my parents leave messed me up! I know better than to watch her leave now. I didn't have the energy to cry as it was.

We made it home around 9:30. One of our loved ones was kind enough to stay with our kitties, give Moo Bear his medicine, and just watch the house. It was like a vacation while we were on vacation! (I thank God for this person!) We visited for a bit before returning them to their home. Then we crashed and burned! I am still exhausted. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!

Let's sum up what we've learned today!

  • Washington DC is overrated, but everyone should visit once.
  • Washington DC is a city for young, healthy rich people with tons of energy. 
  • I do not fit into the young, healthy, or rich categories.
  • There is no parking, and what parking is available is expensive.
  • Monuments are no less than ten miles apart.
  • Museums are free, but you have to get there at the crack of dawn to get passes.
  • West Virginia is referred to as "The Mountain State" but there are actually no mountains.
  • I miss my mother, Arlene, and Honey. (Honey is my canine sister.)
  • If I ever visit DC again, it will be to see my new loved ones...
  • Unless Doug can carry me around to the monuments.
  • I miss my new loved ones.
  • I'm still exhausted.

The end!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Spotlight Indie Authors: Kira Adams.

Greetings and Salutations, mates!

Forgive my extended absence. It's been a rough couple of months. Before I begin...

Can you believe it's March already? I can't. I'm not looking forward to Spring and the return of heat and insects. Most of you know I have Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I'll be on the downward spiral from here until Fall arrives once again. But I am excited to be here today!

I'm here today not to give updates about my life, but to share about one of my favourite indie authors, Kira Adams. It's a privilege to be part of her Infinite Love Series Blog Tour!

The Infinite Love Series Box Set consists of four books. It is free on Amazon through March 5th, 2015. You can have a dekko at it/purchase it here. These books are not only in a series, but they can be purchased separately. 

Before I begin, I need to share some trigger warnings. This series does deal with real issues, such as death and dying, sex, cheating, self-harm, and the characters use profanity (but it's not every other word like in some books, I won't say whose, but it's not an indie author). Proceed with caution.

Because I have OCD, I'm going to go in order. (Some bloggers on this tour may highlight their favourite story first, but I have to go in order, and it just so happens that the first story is my favourite!)

The first book in the Infinite Love Series is Learning to Live. For those of you who know me, you're probably gobsmacked, because I am so not into romance reads. (Yes, I read The Fault in Our Stars, but it wasn't heavy on the romance.) I'm just not interested in love stories. That's not who I am. This story exceeded my expectations, and it is my favourite romance novel ever!!!! I never thought I'd say that in a million years, but here I am! 

The main characters in the story are Topher and Ciera. 

Topher is part of the popular crowd, or the A-Team as Ciera and her best friend call them. He's one of those popular, spoiled rich kids who is used to having everything handed to him. Having everything handed to you simply sets you up for failure, and Topher was headed in that direction. His priorities are out of order in the beginning of the story. Despite the fact that he's popular, lives in a huge, luxurious home, and has women who are willing to be at his beck and call, his life isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

Ciera is an outcast who simply wants to fade into the background. She doesn't want to be noticed. She just wants to get through the school day and go to her after school job. She's being raised by a single mother in a small apartment, where she and her two siblings don't even have their own rooms. She's bullied by Topher's ephemeral girlfriend, whose name I don't remember because I cared so little about her, and one of the other A-Team girls. (I just wanted to see the evil girl's demise to be honest.) Despite being an outcast, Ciera is intelligent. She has her goals laid out and her priorities in order, but she also has limited time to accomplish these goals.

After another bullying session from the evil A-Team girls, Ciera finds herself with gum in her hair. Enter another one of the A-Team girls, Maddalynne, who uses her popularity for good. She takes Ciera under her wing. She sends her to a stylist friend in order to get the gum out of Ciera's hair, and has a general interest in getting to know Ciera.

After Ciera's transformation via Maddalynne, Ciera fails to fade into the background. People begin to notice her, including Topher, and he is intrigued by what he sees. I wish I could say that the bullying from the two evil A-Team harpies stopped, but it didn't.

Topher and Ciera really begin to get to know one another, and they both realize they're falling in love, but Ciera tries to hold Topher at arm's length, because she knows their relationship will destroy both of them. I want to just tell all! I just want to scream every spoiler in this story because I loved it so much!!!! But I won't. I will say this: Woe to those who do not have tissues!

This story has been compared to A Walk To Remember and The Fault in Our Stars, but believe me when I say it is in a category of its own. (I hated A Walk To Remember. I loved TFIOS, but Hazel and Augustus reminded me so much of my characters Paul and Tallullah, and the book wasn't extremely heavy on the romance.) Learning To Live is five star material. Again, I'm not into romance novels. I'm just not. But I couldn't put my Kindle down! I had to see what happened next!

That's exactly what Learning To Live did to me!

This is exactly how I looked after reading Learning To Live...

I want to cross out The Fault In Our Stars and insert Learning to Live!
I did not cry nearly as much at the end of TFIOS!


Kira, thank you for writing Learning To Live and giving me a new appreciation for romance novels!

The next book in the box set was My Forever. It was not one of my favourites, but that is not Kira's fault. The main characters in this story were highlighted in Learning To Live, Maddalynne and Parker.

I LOVED Maddalynne in Learning To Live, but I could not stand her in My Forever. I felt like she was flighty, self-destructive, and selfish. Sure, I understand that grief makes people do foolish things, but I felt like Maddalynne was taking advantage of it.

I'm sure my face was like this as I read Maddalynne's side in My Forever.

Her side of the story went something like this:

Maddalynne: I love you.
Maddalynne: I don't love you.
Maddalynne: I don't know if I love you.
Maddalynne: I love you?
Maddalynne: I love someone else.
Maddalynne: Maybe I love someone else?
Maddalynne: I love you!

The story was so frustrating! It was like pure torture! Maddalynne really made me understand the meaning behind the song, La Donna E Mobile! (Woman is flighty, what a feather in the wind...) Again, it was not Kira's fault that I could not relate to Maddalynne. I couldn't relate to Maddalynne because I'm not flighty. (I can't say I'm not selfish.) I know what I want. I make a decision and I stick with it.

I LOVED Parker. I had so much respect for him. He loved Maddalynne unconditionally. Maddalynne did not deserve that! I felt badly for Parker as he had to watch her self-destruct in the midst of her grief. Again, I understand that grief makes a person do stupid things, but she was taking advantage of it. When Parker was battling with his own grief after his brother committed suicide, he did push Maddalynne away, but he also reached out for help, something that Maddalynne never did, and made a new friend in Jacqueline. The story never shares the possible list of Parker's foolish acts during his grief, aside from pushing Maddalynne away, so perhaps he didn't go overboard the way Maddalynne did.

Parker and Maddalynne went through Hell and back during their long, tumultuous relationship. They both endured grief, unanswered questions, family issues, and friendship issues. Do they end up together? I'm not going to spill the beans.

While this story was frustrating to me and not one of my favourites, I still gave it five stars. It was well written. It really did depict a fair portrait of grieving. Just because I couldn't relate to Maddalynne doesn't mean that other readers won't be able to relate to her.

Book three is entitled Beautifully Broken. I LOVED this book!

Beautifully Broken gives us a look at Parker's friend, Jacqueline the girl he reached out to for help during his grief over his brother's suicide, and Maddalynne's friend, Lee.

Jacqueline met Parker on a suicide chat room. She shared some of her horrible upbringing with him, but not all of it. Jacqueline was abandoned by her father and left with her drug addicted mother. Her mother was only concerned about her drugs and her men, leaving Jacqueline to fend for herself. After her mother was arrested She was placed into foster care. She eventually became emancipated and got her GED.

Lee and Maddalynne met in Hawaii during My Forever. Lee was a player. I imagined he was a lot like Topher during his time in high school, a popular player who was spoiled out of his mind and used to having girls at his beck and call. He could still snap his fingers and girls would come running. Lee had a serious fear of commitment, but as he watched his cousin Austyn and her boyfriend, Avery, he began to want what they had.

Maddalynne and Jacqueline became friends, and Maddalynne decided to play matchmaker. She and Parker convince Lee to add Jacqueline on Facebook. The two develop a relationship, but when Jacqueline reveals that she has a disorder, Lee freaks out and runs off. This happens frequently in the story, Lee freaking out because he doesn't want to deal with the drama.

I think I yelled this aloud a few times!

My favourite part was Jacqueline's first plane ride! I could relate! It reminded me of my first plane ride with my husband a few years ago! I sprained both of our hands, I was gripping his hand so hard! I couldn't stop laughing!

The ending of this story will surprise you. I didn't see it coming. And once again, Kira Adams has made me love romance stories. I never thought I'd see the day. Beautifully Broken lives up to its title. Aren't we all a little beautifully broken? I know I am.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to read Against All Odds, but I already love the characters, Austyn and Avery, as I got acquainted with them in Beautifully Broken. I am a workaholic who can barely stop long enough to relax. Plus we just passed the one year anniversary of my father-in-law's death, and I couldn't focus on anything that week, so I took the week off and revelled in the memories of him.

 I am 100% sure that Against All Odds is going to be another five star read. I'll share the teasers and let them speak for themselves, but when I do read the story, I'm going to share my review in a blog post, so stay tuned for that.

Overall, despite the fact that My Forever was not my favourite, I still give the series five stars. I adored two of the three stories I read, and I can't wait to read Against All Odds! I know it's going to be amazing!

I just want to thank Kira Adams once again for allowing me to be a part of The Infinite Love Series Box Set Tour! It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to get to read her work and promote her!

I can't just leave without highlighting my absolute favourite book by Kira Adams. It's not part of The Infinite Love Series, but I want to share it for those readers who may not be into romance reads or may be unwilling to give The Infinite Love Series a chance. Kira is not just a romance writer. She has something to offer every reader!

This was the first book I've ever read from Kira Adams, and I read it straight through in just two hours!

Into The Darkness was a nonstop thrill ride! I could not put my Kindle down! I won't go into a full review since this isn't a story on the tour, but I couldn't end this blog without mentioning my favourite book ever by this author!

Try books ending with cliffhangers!
I can't wait to read Emerging From The Darkness!


Have a dekko at The Infinite Love Series Box Set. It's FREE on Amazon today through March 5th. You can purchase it by clicking here. You can also have a dekko at her other books on Amazon, like Pieces Of Me, The Fighter, and Into The Darkness. (I plan to read Pieces of me and The Fighter in the near future.) Kira Adams also has an author page on Facebook, and I'm fairly sure she has a blog.

Thank you, Kira, for working your magic.

And always remember to support your favourite indie authors.