Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beautiful Day.

I woke up at 11:30 to another gloriously cool day! It's not even officially Fall, and I'm getting a taste of things to come. I had to turn the air conditioners even lower this morning. I'm cold, but I'm not complaining, I'm beyond the valley of thrilled!

I got out of bed and headed into the kitchen to make coffee. It was dark and dreary out, which made me happy. Days like this chase away the summertime sadness I experience.

(I know it seems strange that I get sad during hot, sunny days, and I even find it strange from time to time, but that's how I've always been from the time I was a little kid. I've always hated Summer and loved Fall and Winter. I have mixed feelings about Spring. It's beautiful, but it's either too hot or too rainy, and the allergies that come with it are horrible. Sometimes I like Spring, and sometimes I don't, but I appreciate its beauty. I don't find anything about Summer beautiful, except for the beach.)

I prepared my coffee au lait, as usual, and took it into the living room. It was cold enough that I could actually see the steam coming off of the coffee's surface.

It was so dark, cool, and reminiscent of a fall day, that I lit some candles.

I have Bath and Body Works candles all over the cottage, mostly in fall scents. They're my favourite. The cottage smells like Fall has overtaken it.

(The day I purchased the Caramel Pumpkin Swirl candle, I was so tired, that when Doug asked me what candles I got, I responded with, "Marshmallow Fireside, Pumpkin Apple, and Caramel Pumpkin Squirrel." *LOL*)

I got a Blueberry Pumpkin Patch candle last year that Moo Bear broke. I was so angry about that, so this year, I recycled the wax from that candle to put in my Scentsy burner, and it smells awesome!

After I lit some candles, I put on some socks, grabbed my coffee, and got back into bed.

Doug was still sleeping. The Trinity Cat was nestled under the covers on the bed. Moo Bear was passed out on the coffee table in the living room. I just wanted to spend the day snuggling under the covers and reading with the Trinny Cat asleep at my feet. She curls up in such strange but cute positions with her toes up over her head and one sleepy golden eye that she will open from time to time when she notices that I'm watching her sleep. Sadly, today was not set aside for relaxing. 

Today, we're finishing some of the organizing that really needs to be done around the cottage. It's a tiny cottage, and there are a lot of things we don't need. I want to have a yard sale, but Doug isn't on board. He doesn't expect to make much from it, and I get that. I just want to get rid of some things and make a little money in the process.

After we get things organized, we're meeting with friends for dinner.

At some point this weekend, we're putting up the Fall decorations. I can't wait until the cottage looks like Autumn Paradise!

The sun tried to come out, but it doesn't appear to be successful. I still can't believe how perfect this day is! The only thing that would make it more perfect is if the leaves looked like this:

...or this:

Here's to more days like this:

Happy Saturday! (I know I'm happy! It's a beautiful day! Fall is almost here!)


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