Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Lovely Pics Of Fall!

These are just too pretty not to post!

I can't wait until it looks like this around here!


This is like crack for me...

This is such a pretty picture.

And what comes after Fall? Glorious Winter!


I can't help but think this reminds me of the courtyard on the Aeon Flux movie.

This isn't a Fall or Winter pic, but it is a volcano eruption in Iceland. I thought it was cool.


  1. YAY! I LOVE fall and winter. Summer sucks, so hot and awful here. It is 74 here this morning with a high of 89 (that will feel like 95, thanks heat index). Sadly, this is what counts for a cool front around here.

  2. Oh wow. What part of Texas are you in? I have two friends in San Antonio, but I've never been. (Always wanted to see Corpus.) I hope you get some cooler weather soon.