Wednesday, September 7, 2011


But this picture makes me feel a little bit better...

So today started out with me being exhausted. (I had three hours of sleep total.) First thing on my agenda was lunch with Jodi at West Tenampas. This was a planned luncheon that her sister was supposed to attend, but she was unable to make it due to illness. Then Jodi treated me to a McDonald's Mocha Frappe. I dropped her off at school and then headed home to meet another friend.

Manuela was waiting for me once I pulled up in front of my apartment. It was off to the mall for us. I finished my frappe on the way there. The first order of business was to go get a deluxe spa pedicure and manicure, Manuela's treat, but since we had a twenty minute wait, a trip to Starbucks was in order, where I was treated to a non fat, seven pump vanilla London Fog, and today was the perfect day for one. Then, we made our way back to the mani/pedi place.

The deluxe spa pedicure consisted of the usual filing, trimming, and moisturizing along with a leg massage, but the deluxe part of it was the mint sugar scrub, which made my legs tingle, followed by a clay/mud mask that was applied to the legs with a hot towel wrapped around each leg. All I could say was wow. Once the towels were removed and the legs rinsed off, a cold gel was applied, followed by lotion. I was not in the mood for color (I leave that up to Wendy Bundy, my regular nail tech), so I got a French Tip on my toes. Then I was taken to get my fill in. The man was so nice to me unlike some of my other experiences at similar places. I told him that my regular nail tech uses a soft file. He apologized for not having one, but he promised to be careful and gentle, and he was! He did not cut me or even hurt me in the least bit as he drilled and filed my nails into shape. I got the French Tip on my nails too.

Manuela went for a totally different look, having the French Tip with red nail polish, then having the Union Jack symbol hand painted on each thumb. It looked amazing. While she was under the dryer, I went to Chic-Fil-A and got a chargrilled chicken sandwhich and a large fry, also courtesy of Manuela. After she made a trip to Victoria's Secret and the Christian Book Store, we left. I had church this evening and Manuela was going to see Paul Poulton, a Christian musician from England.

Here's the Union Jack that I was talking about...

I got to church around six o'clock and went up to the crow's nest to start the computer and eat my sandwhich and fries. I ate as I'm waiting for Doug to get there, and a guy from Eddie James Ministries just walks right in. Then I felt bad because here I was eating up there, which is something that I don't normally do. I was hoping this didn't lead him to believe that we were unprofessional or didn't take running the big screens seriously. Doug arrived shortly after, and I told him that I had no idea anyone else would be up there or I would not have brought my food in the crow's nest. I apologized to the guy, who was okay with it, and from then on, he and Doug have a frustrating struggle with the big screens. We can't display the lyrics. We can't keep the projectors from messing up. The words at the bottom of the screen were cut off. Despite these things, the service was amazing up until the very end.

As Eddie James made the altar call, my entire body suddenly became very weak, so I sat down, and I noticed that I'm having trouble breathing. I made it through the last fifteen minutes of the service. Doug grabbed the remote to turn the televisions in the narthex off, and I'm doubled over with chest pain, impeded swallowing, and difficulty breathing. Doug is scared at this point, especially when I told him I needed someone to pray for me. Doug left and came back with Pastor Keith, who immediately started praying. By the time Pastor Keith had completed the prayer, I was able to breathe a little better. I spent a half hour reclining in the chair up in the crow's nest, using Doug's jacket as a pillow, the fan blowing on me. Finally, I had enough strength to stand and walk. Doug helped me to the loo and then out to the car. I was still having a bit of trouble breathing, but by the time I got home, it was resolving.

As of now, I'm lying in bed, Doug at my beck and call. I do feel better, especially where the breathing is concerned. I'm still feeling weak and off balance, and every muscle in my body is aching from the tension I experienced. Doug is still contemplating taking me to the emergency room. I'm still not sure what happened. It may have been a panic attack, but I can't explain what caused it because I was thoroughly enjoying the service. Nothing was there to cause me to panic. I'm a bit embarrassed to say the least. Whatever it was, let's hope and pray that it doesn't happen again.

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(The pic below is basically what we will end up doing later.)
kagey:  Honestly this is my dream date: reading books together all night until we fall asleep.

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