Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blog Broken. See Title Below.

It's one of those days. The destroyer arrived last evening, bringing with it manky feelings, pain, nausea, migraines, insane cravings of salt licks covered in chocolate, and violent mood swings. (HELP!) I was up all night with a migraine complete with photophobia and phonophobia. (I'm still experiencing photophobia.) I had to go out for a little bit, but I'm home and in comfy clothes. I consumed a small chili with crackers and hot sauce, which really hit the spot. I had a tiny chocolate frosty. (It's a frosty and it's tiny!) Now I'm sipping on gin and juice, er...um I mean Coca~Cola, and I'm about to escape into the lovely world in my book before my body eventually renders me unconscious and I run away to my metaphorical Fortress of Solitude that is the bedroom. (Dale Gribble: I'll be eight feet under in my metaphorical grave...the basement.) The Moo Bear is nestled on my pillows that I have to sit on when I use my computer in the living room because even at its lowest setting, the desk is quite tall and it's easier to reach on pillows. Trinity (who usually sleeps on top of the cable box in the entertainment center) has ran off somewhere. (I would get a picture of her on top of the cable box, but where she's mostly black, you may not be able to see her.) Probably going to listen to a little television. Just a peaceful day in the Townsend House, well, for now...

To all of my readers, I hope you're having a peaceful day!

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