Sunday, November 13, 2011


Things are quite bad in the Townsend House this year, which is why I haven't posted too many blogs here these days. They would be full of nothing but complaints right now, and that's not fair to those who come to read my blog. I apologize for my lousy attitude lately, but I've given all I can right now. So instead of listening to me whinge, enjoy some pretty pictures. I hope to feel better soon and get back to being myself.

Who said boys don't like kitties?

Owls are just so cool looking, but mean...very mean.

A long walk off of a short pier...

Very pretty...

And I thought the Griswolds were characters on vacation movies.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's..."Will you put me down, please?"

This is just around the corner...

Kitty bowl...


No truer words...

How precious is that?

Have a good day today


  1. I love the pics you choose! I hope things get better is hard to find words sometimes when things are less than stellar.

  2. Thanks for commenting. How are you guys doing? (I added a pic of a dog getting harassed by kittens.)

    I posted a blog about EVERYTHING. I may regret doing so, but I emotionally honked on my latest post. *sighs*