Friday, December 2, 2011

Goodbye November, Hello December!

Just a few updates...

It's almost Christmas, and I'm not ready for it.
My battle with walking pneumonia started eight weeks ago and I'm still coughing, still not feeling 100% since then, but I am feeling better, still just exhausted. I just want to feel completely better.

Some of our problems have been eliminated, atleast for November. We got two checks, which paid the rent for November and part of the rent for December.

I'm working on a project for my pastor. It's been rather time consuming, but I've enjoyed the research. I've got a few more things to do prior to sending the email to the church. I'm having some problems with spacing, which is what I'm trying to fix.

Doug is at school, taking a make up test. With all of the car problems we've had in the last six months, he's missed some important classes. That brings me to my next update...

Our car has a shredded tire. This happened the day after Thanksgiving. It's going to cost $50.00 for a professional just to put the spare on for us because it requires special tools. So we're either going to have to tow it somewhere (which is about as much or more) just to get a new tire put on, and then we have to shell out money for new tags.

We got an unexpected blessing of new towels. They are pretty and so lovely to use, and I have no idea where our towels are going, so this really helped out.

We had a nice Thanksgiving, but we didn't eat until eight p.m. that day. After thawing the turkey for the recommended amount of time, the inside was still frozen, and I couldn't get the neck and giblets out of the turkey. Doug got up and was able to remove them and he helped me get it in the oven. Next year, we've decided to either go out to eat or have something called "Steaksgiving," something our friend Paul thought up. If the weather continues to be seventy degrees on Thanksgiving Day every year, then I don't have a problem with grilling out. Steak is yummy and contains no tryptophan (Trip to Alaska, Trip to the Carribean...)

No more updates for now. Until it's back to the matter at hand, the project.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Pneumonia! Boo. I've had a URI this week (thanks to KayTar and Chuck E. Cheese, LOL) and have been teetering on the edge of bronchitis. Pneumonia is even LESS fun than that!

    Sorry to hear about the tire. I hate surprise things like that that eat up important money that would be better spent another way. So frustrating!

  2. Sorry to hear about your Upper Respiratory Infection. Are there any other places for children that are not as germ infested as Chuck E. Cheese? You're not the only one who complains about your child getting sick with colds/URI's after going to a birthday party or just to eat there. Apparently, they're all germ ridden. They could be nice and have several wipe dispensers for the parents to wipe down the rides prior to their children using them.

    The tire is still shredded and we've got six $50.00 tickets because of the tags being expired.

    I'm still working on projects for my pastor.

    I can't seem to get back on a decent sleep schedule.