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Christmas Letters Part Three

Here it is, another Christmas letter from a character in my book! You know the rules, any questions, just ask. Enjoy!


December 2023

Christmas Time Is Here...

Merry Christmas! It's a pleasure to be writing to everyone to share an update about our lives and to express well wishes during this Christmas Season. Our year started out wonderfully, but ended on a bit of a tragic note. I'll get to that later. For now, let me give you an update on my family.

Paul and I are doing well. He's still the pastor at Living Waters Cathedral, and he's been the captain of the police force for almost ten years. I ditched my job in publishing to become a full time writer. I now work from home, and I love it. We celebrated our eighteenth wedding anniversary in November.

Our children are growing up way too fast...

Zephra turned nineteen this past May. She and her husband, Alexander Rossi, have been married for two years now. Paul is slowly accepting Alexander as his son-in-law. He still sees Zephra as his little girl, and he wants to protect her. It doesn't matter that she has two little girls of her own, he will always see her as his little girl. (I know this because my father still sees me as his little girl.) Zephra returned to nursing school to become an RN. She will finish school a week or two after her twentieth birthday. Paul and I are so proud of her. She's really done well for herself. I'm sure Alexander is proud of her, too.

Zane also had a birthday in May. He is now sixteen years old. He came home from Hollywood, CA, for his birthday. He's still a typical teenager, sort of. He still plays the starring role in "The Secret Life of a Teenage Vampire". He's definitely doing better than I was at when I was sixteen. He and Trinity are coming up on their one year wedding anniversary. Paul is handling Zane running off to Hollywood and getting married better than he did with Zephra. He still worries about Zane, though. He and I both know that Zane is a teenager who's living in an adult world, which means he thinks he's a man, but he's not even close. Still, he's become quite mature and responsible for a sixteen year old, and he does work hard. He and Trinity were together for six years the day before their wedding.

Zayden celebrated his twelfth birthday in July. He's such a sweetheart. He's loves being an uncle to Zelda and Zayna. He misses Zephra and Zane since they moved out. Zayden is on the honor roll at school and plays baseball. He tried out for the basketball team in September and won a spot as the shooting guard.

My Mom and Dad, Zephyr and Belinda, are doing well. Mom has improved dramatically since her accident twenty years ago. VNS has done wonders for her. Dad refuses to retire. He owns and operates the family business, The Wallace Architect Firm, which was started by his father. My youngest brother, Troy, is twenty now. He's still living at home and helping Dad take care of Mom. He's working for my Dad at the firm and plans on sticking around for a few years before going to college.

The year started out routine.

The first real event in our household took place in March. Paul turned 37 on March 2nd. Daisy, Leah, and Gabrielle helped me throw him a surprise birthday party. We went ahead and celebrated his best friend, Peter's birthday at the same time, since they both have March birthdays.

I turned 36 on April 26th. Paul surprised me by taking us all to Hawaii. We had an amazing time going to luaus, watching fire dancers, learning how to Hula dance.

We went to Colorado at the end of June to visit Paul's family.

School started in August/September. I'm still working from home. This makes my second year of working at home. I still love it!

On October 16th, Zephra's youngest daughter, Zayna, turned two. She's such a sweetheart. She looks just like Zephra did at that age. She has Zephra's auburn hair, green eyes, and freckles. She's already putting sentences together and saying words that most of her two year old peers wouldn't normally say. Even Zelda wasn't putting together sentences until she was around three. She says, "I want some food," or she will say, "I want," followed by the specific name of the object, action, or food. She also says, "I love Nana," and "I love Papaw". Her latest saying is, "Mommy is a big meanie." Alexander taught her that one. Zephra threatened to teach Zayna how to say, "Daddy's so lazy." I really hope she doesn't.

Though our anniversary is in November, Paul and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean in October. We had an amazing time. Zephra, her two children, and Zane came home to watch Zayden and house sit while we were gone. We were pleasantly surprised to come home and see the house clean and in order, Zane laying on the couch listening to his iPod, Zephra making dinner,  Zayden playing checkers with Zelda, and Zayna sitting in her playpen watching her uncle and her big sister.

Thanksgiving was spectacular this year! All of our family was present for dinner. We got caught up on how everyone is doing, and we also got some exciting news! Zane and Trinity, announced that they are expecting their first child! It's a boy! We're finally going to get a grandson! We're STILL too young to be grandparents for a third time in my opinion, but I can't help being excited! Paul thinks Zane and Trinity are taking on too much, and that they have no idea what they're getting into, but I reminded him that we were in the same position. We were a little older than they are. I was eighteen and Paul was nineteen when we found out I was pregnant with Zephra, and we weren't even married. Zane and Trinity got married long before they got pregnant, so I think they're doing better than we were. After dinner, we sat around and talked. We saw family out as they left. Alexander took the girls home so he could get them to bed. Zephra, Zane, and Trinity spent the night with us. The six of us stayed up late, played games, and watched movies.

On December 5th, Zelda turned six. I can't believe she's already six! She is the spitting image of Alexander. She has his black hair, dark brown eyes, and olive complexion. She can't wait to start first grade. That's all she's talked about since she turned six. When Paul asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she said she wanted to start first grade. She's so funny. She's definitely got Zephra's personality.

We're still living at Tori's house since the fire two years ago. (Police still have no leads as to what caused the fire.) Tori and her husband, Taven, decided to give us her house, free and clear. They brought the deed over last week. Paul and I were completely flabbergasted, and so thankful. I finally feel like our lives are finally pieced back together again. The outpouring of love and kindness from our friends, our family, and our church family the past two years has been amazing. 

I just want to take a moment to give thanks to God and to those who have encouraged us, purchased items we needed, and to those who have lifted us up in prayer, thank you so much. Prayers are appreciated.

Zephra invited us over to help her decorate her home for Christmas. It's been a tradition that began two years ago, when she and Alexander moved into their house. The three of us accepted and we spent yesterday putting up the tree. Paul and Alexander hung her outside lights. Once the decorating was done, Zephra made dinner. We sat down as a family and ate. As I sat at the table with my son-in-law, my daughter, my husband, my youngest son, and my granddaughters, I realize how blessed I am. Two years ago, Paul and Zephra weren't even speaking. Now they're close again. Paul's accepted that Alexander is here to stay. They're getting along finally. And we have Zayna, who has added so much joy to our lives. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next year!



I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Remember to count your blessings this Christmas Season.

With Love and Appreciation,

Pastor Paul, Tallullah, Zephra, Alexander, Zelda, Zayna, Zane, Trinity, and Zayden

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