Thursday, March 8, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours...

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I do love this picture...

The last two days have been...interesting. For starters, our electric got shut off on Wednesday, which shocked us both because we had it switched over in February. We owed a past due amount, and our request was denied, but we weren't told it was denied, so the shut off came as a shock. Thankfully, we were able to make the payment yesterday and get it turned back on today.

If that isn't bad enough, the gas was shut off yesterday morning. We couldn't get the gas switched over but that was the gas company's fault. They have implemented stricter rules about getting service switched over. They informed us that we had to send in a notarized statement from our landlady stating that we are new tenants and not the former tenants. When Doug asked why, the gas company representative informed us that the previous tenant never paid their gas bill. It amazes me that we're the ones getting punished for it, and our landlady has to be dragged into it, but still, we made plans to get this accomplished today.

So the gas got turned off. The man who came to turn it off yelled at Doug for not paying the gas bill. Doug tried to explain to the man that it wasn't even our gas bill, that he gets paid tomorrow and was going to do what the company instructed and have it switched over then, but the man was a real jerk and continued to yell about how we're keeping his family from eating, then he turned it off and left. I don't really care about the gas because we have an electric stove, and we can heat up water to shower/bathe if we have to. That's no big deal. We've been there and done that before. What upset me was how the man acted. They kept insisting we were the ones who didn't pay our gas bill, and acted like Doug was lying. As the man could plainly see, Doug is NOT the same name as the name on the gas bill, not even the same last name, and secondly, Doug is not a female, but I guess we were lying anyway. *lol* I still don't get how we were keeping his family from eating while he yelled at us before we could get a word in edgewise. We weren't telling him he couldn't turn it off, it wasn't even our gas service! *shrugs*

Doug called the gas company today to see how much the deposit would be to get it switched over, and if the notarized letter was still required. Everything seemed like it was a go, but then they tried to tell us we had a past due bill of $1000.00! First of all, we've had the gas shut off before, and they don't wait for you to rack up bills that high. They shut us off at $200.00 last year because they couldn't wait two days until Doug got paid. Secondly, they said it was a bill from 2009 for an old address, a place we only lived at for one month during 2009, so now we have to prove that we didn't live there past January of 2009. And thirdly, even if we did not pay the gas bill in January of 2009, the bill could not have reached $1000.00. My fourth and final point, they let us switch it over to the apartment we just moved from to here. So, if we incurred a bill that high, why didn't they make us aware of any past due amount at that time? Case in point, an investigation is going to be conducted because there's no possible way that we owe $1000.00 to the gas company. We've lived without gas service before, and while it was inconvenient, we can get through it again until we figure out what can be done to prove that it's not our past due bill. *sighs* Craziness.

I lost two days worth of work on my book. I eat, sleep, and breathe writing. I felt like my life was over because I couldn't write!

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When I don't have any electric, I can't write. When I can't write, I think, and when I think, I worry, and when I worry, it's a vicious cycle because I have OCD, which is why I can spend countless hours of research for my book perfecting every letter, every word, every sentence. And when I can't manage my OCD, I panic. Don't get OCD. Go to DirecTV. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I also have ADD if you can't tell. *sighs*

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How I feel about my book series!

I was experiencing some intense nausea on Wednesday afternoon, after having a late lunch. I went to church that evening, and despite feeling lousy, I enjoyed the service. Then, I picked Doug up from school. Since we had no electric, we hit the McDonald's across from ITT so I could get online. I felt horrible, but I knew I had to eat something, so I grabbed a coke and a couple of apple pies. I took one drink of the coke and my stomach started rolling. I wasn't sure if I was going to be okay, but I took a bite of the apple pie, and suddenly, I was okay. It was really strange. I posted something about it on Facebook yesterday, and got some funny responses. One of my friends asked, "Do you think it's made with real apples?" Doug jokingly said that the secret ingredient must be Pepto Bismol, and he kept calling it "Pepto Pie". *LOL* I don't care what was in it, all I cared about was that it worked!!! *lol* I HATE being nauseated! So when I felt nauseated yesterday afternoon, the first thing I did was go to McDonald's and get an apple pie, and I was fine once I ate it. Whatever was going on is better today. I don't know. Just glad I'm feeling better.

Not much going on at this point at the cozy cottage. Despite the mess we've been through the past few days, I love it here! It's so peaceful and happy, and inspiring! I'm stretched out on the bed with my boy kitty laying beside me, and my girl kitty sleeping around my feet. I'm about to bust a mad slizzice in my book. So glad to be able to get some work done! I can't live without writing. (Of course, I can't write without living, but that's another story for another time.)

And my book series... *LOL* True story!

This quote made me giggle!

I wish I owned a typewriter...although I would end up typing, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," repeatedly while giggling.

I guess even fiction writers bleed a little of their lives through their characters. All of my characters reflect some of my attributes, and possess attributes that I wish I had.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good day day, and if I don't post anything this weekend, you know where I'll be and what I'll be doing!


Let's hope it doesn't rain as much as it has in the last two days!

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