Monday, January 3, 2011



I am your captive.
I cannot seem to break away
From the spell you have me under.
I don't pretend to understand
But I'm always left to wonder
About the many things we shared
And also if you really cared
I know the answer
If I dare decide to think it over.

The thoughts of you are dangerous.
My heart, it pounds,
The butterflies in my stomach
Flutter wildly around and around
I can't seem to catch my breath
As thoughts of you crash into me
Until I feel there's nothing left.
And then I cry relentlessly.

As hot tears spill into my lap,
It's futile for me to wipe them away
And nothing else will fill the gap
You've left me in such disarray
And as I feel my heart breaking,
I just can't seem to move on
Why do we have to be apart?
Why must I always be alone?

Why can't I break free from you?
Where can I go? What can I do?
How will I live? I just want to die.
But all I'll do is sit and cry,
Until there's nothing left in me.
Until welcome exhaustion causes sleep.
I hope that perhaps one day
I can just simply slip away
Instead of living with this mess
I can't move on, I must confess
Until the day I'm finally free,
But I'm not sure I'll ever be...

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