Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Altered State Of Consciousness

"If consciousness is universal, then why am I wide awake wondering what to say?
Cause in a parallel dimension, lost in the spiritual, changing the physical." -Jamie Jones

The picture above is pretty much how today is going. I'm laying in bed on my laptops, I say in the plural sense because I have my laptop that I'm writing my book on and my husband's mini laptop that I'm doing research and blogging on. Can you say ADD? I know you can. The Trinity cat is laying with me, and instead of watching something online, I'm creating things online.

Yes I'm still sick. My head is so stuffed up that I feel like I'm in an altered state of consciousness. The junk in my chest is starting to break up, which means cough fest 2011 is commencing as I type, and my head and chest are aching from it. The good news is that I do not have a fever today. I'm very thankful for that. Yesterday, I was feeling quite manky to say the least. Today, not as manky, but still nowhere near 100%. I am resting and getting plenty of fluids. (My mom jokingly suggested liquor, but alcohol really just adds to the dehydration that the fever itself causes. So much for a good hot toddy for those who drink them.)

I'm drinking lots of hot tea. So far, the Tazo Zen Tea is my favorite, with lemongrass and spearmint. The regular Lipton black tea pales in comparison. The only reason I had the Zen Tea was that I picked up a Starbucks Tazo Tea Sampler, and it happened to be one of the teas the sampler offered. A friend of mine suggested I get something called "Calm" I think. I drank it when I had walking pneumonia last year. The Zen is MUCH BETTER than Calm, very flavorful, and lemon juice or a slice of lemon and a teaspoon and a half of honey only add to its flavor notes. Inhaling it is like instant aromatherapy. Here's a pic below:

Tazo Green Tea, Zen

It's quite yummy. If you like green tea and you're feeling a bit manky, this is my suggestion. If you're not into green tea, the Tazo Calm is an herbal tea with chamomile, rose petals, and soothing herbs. My friend drinks it when she's feeling manky, but I don't like chamomile. (I do like rose petals.) I'll share a pic of Tazo Calm for those who are fans of chamomile. Personally, my favorite tea is Tazo Chai.

I've had so much tea that I'm a bit hyped up, which is why I'm waffling on and on about tea like I've gone mad or something. This isn't a tea advertisement blog, it's just that I've imbibed so much tea that I'm sure if I got cut, I would bleed tea! Tea tea tea tea tea...too bad Monty Python didn't do a skit about tea. (From Monty Python's Spam Skit: Man: Morning. Woman at counter: MORNING. Man: What've you got then? Woman at counter: We've got egg, egg and bacon, egg and tea, egg bacon and tea, egg bacon sausage and tea, tea bacon sausage and tea, tea egg tea tea tea baked beans tea tea tea, and lobster thermidor au crevette with a fried egg on top and tea.) No, just not the same. I think I need to reduce my intake of lumps in my tea. I'm quite hyper.

I'm going to get back to my book. Ideas are coming, things are happening, and I'm quite certain once I plummet from my caffeine induced state, the immense probability of the inevitable and impending crash and burn is 99.999999999%. The good news is that I will get some sleep at that point while struggling to watch something of a comedic nature on television.

Cheers! (raises tea glass)

A Gold Tea Cup


  1. I hope you start feeling better soon!! For comedic television, I recommend The Office (which I watch religiously, over and over again), 30 Rock, or HIMYM.

  2. Thank you, Kyla! I LOVE The Office! It's one of my favorites. I also love Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.