Thursday, October 27, 2011

Judgment House

Judgment House is going well. I ended up with a horrible migraine yesterday that broke my six month winning streak being migraine free. It was so disappointing. Anyway, I'll be heading to bed soon. Thought I would check in. I'll post a few pics before I go. Hope everyone is doing well.

These look yummy!

Wish I could be here...

Such a pretty room...

Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Ominous music in d minor.



TSK: Sometimes I really love EMR (Dr. Cranquis)
Let’s count the lies in this drug-seeking patient’s monologue:
  • “Well I called the surgeon’s office today (No, you called them 3 days ago — I can see the note about the phone call right here in your Electronic Medical Record)…
  • “because he canceled my appointment last week (No, you didn’t show up, I can see the scheduling comment in here too)…
  • “and I told them I am out of my pain meds (Highly unlikely — your chart shows you got 2 prescriptions of Vicodin from 2 different ER doctors in the past 5 days, 30 tabs each time!)…
  • “and they said I should come to the Urgent Care and get a refill” (We have a sign in the waiting room that announces ‘We do not refill medications prescribed by outside physicians’ — and your surgeon’s office knows that.)
I love letting these folks rattle off their prepared speech… and then systematically destroying it, lie by lie, using the EMR laptop to show them that the jig is up. It makes me feel like Matlock or something. :)

Google Image Result for




A double rainbow over central London.









Guess I will be calling him once I graduate from med school!

Goodnight everybody! See you tomorrow!

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