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A House MD Quiz:

New House MD Quiz. Which Character Are You? (December 5th, 2008)

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New House M.D. Quiz!!!! Get ready, it's all new characters! Which one are you?

1. A situation arises at your place of employment. You're…

a. the one who takes charge.
b. the one who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.
c. the one who will do anything to claw their way to the top.
d. the one who doesn't let personal feelings affect a job.
e. the one who challenges your boss.
f. the one who still cares, but works in a different department.
g. the one who is happy to help out no matter what job they're working.
h. the first one to start being obnoxious and cracking jokes.
i. the one who is calm and rational, has the most wisdom and insight to give during any situation.
J. the boss who has to get on to the department head over his or her actions.

2. Relationships at work are…

a. dangerous. I've gotten in trouble with my spouse because of it.
b. sure, why not? I've been eyeing one of my coworkers since training.
c. good, especially if it takes me to the highest available position
d. not a good idea. Personal life should not get in the way of your job. It can become a distraction.
e. challenging. I've never done it. I don't feel so much that it's against the rules, but your job is important.
f. fantastic. I love having my significant other working along beside me.
g. doable. I'm dating the hot blond in my department. She just moved in with me after three years of dating.
h. overrated. Although my boss would be an idiot if they missed the fact that I pulled their hair, hid a frog in their desk, or pretended not to like him/her.
i. terrible. I recently lost the love of my life. I can never go through those feelings again.
j. against the rules. But I am the boss, so I have the power to change those rules.

3. Your father dies…

a. you make the funeral arrangements, take care of your family, take the necessary time off of work, and then move on.
b. you miss him. You mourn, but you're an upbeat person, so it doesn't get you down. You have great memories and you're okay.
c. you ask how much money he left you. Besides, retail therapy does wonders for your emotions.
d. You resent him for dying. He was your last living parent who took your mom to a hospice type facility when she was dying a painful death. I never got to say goodbye to either of them.
e. you would be happy because you know he's with the Lord. He was a preacher most of his life.
f. you would bawl and bawl and bawl, and internalize your feelings.
g. you would whine that daddy didn't love you.
h. you would get some of his dna and test it, proving he wasn't your father. You figured it out when you were twelve anyway.
i. you would completely fall apart. After all, you lost the love of your life too. All you have left is your misanthropic best friend.
j. you would move on through the pain you're feeling, go back to work and take it out on your employees for a couple of days.

4. An armed man comes into your place of employment. You…

a. have no idea anything is going on until you realize your boss isn't there.
b. find out from your boss's boss.
c. called in sick, dead, etc. that day.
d. find yourself being taken hostage with atleast thirteen other people.
e. don't negotiate, nor will you play these games.
f. worry about the coworkers and other people taken hostage,
g. get an adrenaline rush and gather with your former coworkers to figure out a plan.
h. are a very valuable hostage, and you have more control of the situation than anyone realizes.
i. worry about your best friend, who thinks he/she has control of the situation.
j. help out with negotiations and pretend the person you're not in love with isn't one of the hostages.

5. Your work personality is…

a. driven. You do everything you're asked to do, but you're not trying to be your boss's favorite.
b. you are sort of trying to be the favorite. You're a likeable person with a happy go lucky attitude, but you have stood up to your boss when things go too far.
c. you have no real respect for authority. You probably will get fired, then try to worm your way back into work by dating someone from the board of directors.
d. you're quiet, you do your job, you don't bother anyone else or get into anyone else's business.
e. you challenge your boss. You take on new things. You're inventive, helpful, you play by the rules. You also have excellent leadership skills.
f. you care a bit too much. You're very personable and nice, which makes you likeable by your clients, but can also leave you emotionally hanging when business with them ends.
g. you look great. Clients and coworkers alike are obsessed with your good looks, great hair, and you probably have a foreign accent that drives everyone but your ex boss wild. It can be very distracting.
h. you're all about the impossible. Anomalies are your thing. Because of your high level of intelligence, you're oblivious to the cares and concerns of your clients. You have no bedside manner. You're often perceived as rude, crude, dictatorial and egotistical. You have unconventional ways of solving problems, but you're always 98% correct about everything. Tenure keeps you from getting fired. You never give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Well, there was this one person…
i. you're a very hard worker. Communication skills, leadership skills, and your emotions are properly displayed when needed. You're the head of a department, and you're on the board of directors.
j. you've spent atleast 12 years in college, worked hard, did everything you need to do, and now you're in charge, chief of staff, the big boss, and what you say goes. You keep your employees in line, except for one. things are in proper order, and you take care of everything. You realize that there are ALWAYS exceptions to certain rules…

6. It's Christmas! How do you celebrate?

a. I buy my spouse a car.
b. I hang out at work.
c. I try to receive the most gifts.
d. I'm working.
e. I go out with some former work colleagues at a restaurant.
f. my bf/gf and I hang out with former work colleagues.
g. I go out with loved one and friends,
h. I turn into an anomaly, singing carols, being nice, giving gifts to my employees, scaring the heck out of everyone.
i. being scared by my best friend,
j. sitting at home, wishing I had a spouse and baby.

7. A coworker dies…

a. you didn't really like him/her, but you pay your respects.
b. you had a secret crush on him/her.
c. you're the one who's dying.
d. you didn't like him/her at all. You point that out to the other coworkers, but you feel badly for her. You feel guilty for not liking her.
e. you're closer to the dying coworker's bf/gf so you comfort them instead,
f. you care about everything and everyone, so of course you're upset, and you mourn for someone you barely know.
g. not really sure what to think.
h. you almost die trying to figure out how to save him/her.
i. it happens to be your bf/gf. You spend your last moments together. Then you watch the machine being turned off. You go to the apartment you two shared, and you find a note under your pillow. You feel like you're never going to be okay again.
j. you do whatever you can to get the two ex best friends talking because one blames the other over the coworker's death.

8. Your biggest desire/problem in life is…

a. staying faithful.
b. trying to please everyone.
C. climbing my way to the top.
d. finding a cure for my disease.
e. gaining more knowledge and experience to excel in what I do.
f. moving forward.
g. settling down with my bf/gf.
h. falling in love with the boss.
i. understanding and having a better relationship with my egotistical, misanthropic, dictatorial best friend.
j. having children. I want to be a parent so bad it hurts!

9. Your name is…

a. as short as you are.
b. the one my adoptive parents gave me.
c. the name you go by can't be shared due to profanity.
d. weird, so you go by a number instead.
e. synonymous with crime, according to your boss.
f. your married name.
g. a pursuit…
h. known by everyone. You play a doctor on t. v.
i. is on your college diploma.
j. Slim Cuddy?

10. Famous last words?
a. you bought your spouse a car because you didn't want anyone to know you cheated.
b. Why are you Always giving people the benefit of the doubt?
c. you don't care who you hurt clawing your way to the top. I can't have that…
d. didn't I fire you?
e. you're part of the game whether you play or not.
f. I know you're in there. I can hear you caring!
g. you kissed her, didn't you? She just knows how to manipulate older men with great hair!
H. Hello, sick people and their loved ones! In the interest of saving time and avoiding a lot of boring chitchat later, I'm Doctor ------- -----; you can call me "----". I'm one of three doctors staffing this clinic this morning. This ray of sunshine is Doctor ---- ----. Doctor ---- runs this whole hospital, so unfortunately she's much too busy to deal with you. I am a bored ... certified diagnostician with a double specialty of infectious disease and nephrology. I am also the only doctor currently employed at this hospital who is forced to be here against his will. That is true, isn't it? But not to worry, because for most of you, this job could be done by a monkey with a bottle of Motrin. Speaking of which, if you're particularly annoying, you may see me reach for this: this is Vicodin. It's mine! You can't have any! And no, I do not have a pain management problem, I have a pain problem ... but who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm too stoned to tell. So, who wants me?
i. You don't like strong, you don't like assertive, you like needy. She isn't dying, is she?
j. Here's what I think she's going to say. [Imitating Stacy's accent] "Oh, I loooove Greg! But if you go against the patient's wishes, you're calling her a liar. And if something goes wrong, I end up in court, having to defend the big mean doctor, albeit with dreamy eyes, who wouldn't believe the nice suburban mom. And even though his cane makes me melt, do the surgery."

House MD Quiz Results...

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House MD Quiz Answers…Which character are you?
Good Luck!

10-19 Points, You are Dr. Chris Taub…
dr. chris taub Pictures, Images and Photos
You are Dr. Chris Taub, part of House's team. Taubs are hard workers, go getters. Although you do everything House says, you don't try to be his favorite, but you do trust him a bit too much. Taubs work okay with others, but sometimes they need to give people a chance to discuss their ideas, thoughts, and feelings on a differential. You don't always have to be right, or first. Stop acting like Horshach and let someone else raise their hands for a change. Your personal life needs some improving. If you're married, then you're committed to your spouse. The grass isn't always greener at someone else's house. Be faithful to the woman/man you married. Buying guilt gifts will not make you or your spouse feel any less grief about your actions. So, grow up. If you want to be married, then be married. If you don't, then get out instead of putting your spouse through superfluous heartbreak.

20- 29 Points, You are Dr. Lawrence Kutner…
dr. lawrence kutner Pictures, Images and Photos
You are Dr. Lawrence Kutner. Kutners are happy go lucky types who seem to try to be everyone's favorite by pleasing them. Kutners do everything they are asked to do, and try to do it better than anyone else. The good news, when Kutners make mistakes, they tend to shrug them off and move on. You are not even bothered by the fact that you were adopted by an American Caucasian family. The bad news, sometimes shrugging things off makes you look insensitive to those around you. Kutners work well with others and also play well with others, and their smiles usually brighten someone's day. Keep smiling, but think about what you want before pleasing everybody else. Just because Kutners do what others want them to do does not mean someone is not taking advantage of their good nature.

30-39 points, You are Amber Volakis
You are Amber. Ambers will do anything to claw their way to the top and they really don't think about how much they can hurt others, or how brash and direct they can be. No wonder Ambers have a special nickname given to them by others. On the upside, Ambers know what they want and they are not afraid to get it, and they certainly are not vague. People like Ambers because they are real. People hate Ambers because they are rude. A balance is necessary for all the Ambers out there. You're a strong, independent person, who needs to tone the aggressiveness down a bit. Sure, go after what you want, just think about others in the process. You can still get what you want and be strong and independent without being rude. You do make a good match with a Wilson because he's easy going and will step out of your way when the wrath of Amber starts emerging. Ambers do leave footprints in the world because when they die, they will be missed by atleast ten people.

40-49 Points, You are Dr. Remy Hadley…
You are Dr. Remy Hadley, better known as Thirteen. You carry many concerns from your past. You had a difficult relationship with your dying mother, and an estranged relationship with your father. Memories hurt you, especially where genetic diseases are concerned. You feel like your life is out of control. You don't know who to turn to. You don't want to get close to people because then you would have to let them in. I suggest counseling for those Thirteens out there. Things may seem out of control with your health, but take care of your body as much as you can. Eat right, and exercise. Go to a spa and relax. Don't fall into destructive behavior when things go wrong. Don't be afraid to get close to someone. Kudos to you for a job well done, and for going through with the clinical trials. Just don't let your health get in the way of a clear diagnosis for someone else. Sometimes the best thing you can put on is a smile.

50-59 Points, You are Dr. Eric Foreman…

dr. eric foreman Pictures, Images and Photos
You are Dr. Eric Foreman. You Foremans have come a long way. You went from trying to be "mini House" to growing up. You're now a team player with excellent leadership skills. You are level headed and well balanced. You enjoy furthering your education. You're wanting to branch out more by doing clinical trials and handling your own caseload, but you're not ready to leave House yet. Why? Nobody really understands that, but Foreman is secretly gaining House's respect. Foreman is no longer afraid to stand up to House or question his judgment. Old Foreman would be like, "Whatever you say." New Foreman challenges his boss and work colleagues. You Foremans keep working hard and studying, there will be a promotion in the near future.

60-69 Points, You are Dr. Allison Cameron…
dr. allison cameron Pictures, Images and Photos
You are Dr. Allison Cameron. Cameron still cares, she just works in a different department, and so does her boyfriend, Chase. (Who didn't see that happening, raise their hand.) Cameron has come a long way. She's moved on from the loss of her husband, who died of thyroid cancer. She's doing well as an ER Doctor. Patients still love her because of her excellent bedside manner. The only real thing that you Camerons need to do is to not get emotionally involved or attached too much. Caring, yes. Emotional involvement, no. You're going to have to face the hard stuff sooner or later. When you do, you'll become a better person for it. Not surprisingly, your emotions are a bit more grounded since resigning from House's team. So, Camerons of the world, unite! And get rid of the blond hair. Sometimes red is better…

70-79 Points, You are Dr. Robert Chase…
Dr Robert Chase Pictures, Images and Photos
You are Dr. Robert Chase. Being fired from House's team didn't take you down, it just freed you to do more hands on training in the ER. Besides, you weren't going to let go anyway because Chases get somewhere and stay there. Chase did leave behind his flirtatious ways for Cameron. He still gets flirted with, even by patients who are dying. They seem to want him to tell them again in his wonderful accent… "You're…dying." Chases look gorgeous and have great hair. They obsess a bit about their looks, spend extra time in the mirror compared to the Foremans and Wilsons out there. Everyone wants to be around a Chase because despite the shallow part of Chase, he has some interesting stories to share about his Australian heritage and culture. Chases make for extremely good company, though they can be a bit self-centered.

80-89 Points, You are Dr. Gregory House…
drugs Pictures, Images and Photos

You are the sardonic Dr. House, always in trouble, always hiding from Cuddy or someone else you've ticked off. You've been called misanthropic, egotistal, dictatorial, unconventional, and some more names that shouldn't be mentioned here, but you get the job done. You certainly know how to make sarcasm look like a coveted art form to get what you want. Some of the things you do are considered illegal in, oh let see, ALL 50 STATES! You are a good doctor, but you need to work on your people skills. Doctors see patients. Foreman is always whining that he became a doctor to help patients, not ignore them. Blah, blah, blah. Houses love playing pranks on those around them. They also love wielding their brilliance like a samurai sword. Houses easily get bored, but their boredom is easily cured by t. v. or video games. Houses play ball, but not in the way most people would. Something as simple as throwing a ball against a wall helps Houses think. Houses do not pair well with Cuddys, but they do bring balance to each other. So, if you're a House, try to show a bit of decency to other human beings. Building a good rapport with people will help you in the long run. Houses also need to watch out for addictive behaviors. Houses tend to do things in excess, which is how House almost lost Wilson as his best friend. Houses need some counseling and better social skills. Eventually they're going to need something, and their chances are better if who they need it from likes them.

90-99 Points, You are Dr. James Wilson…
James Wilson Pictures, Images and Photos
There's a bit more to James Evan Wilson than anyone would realize. He's needy, which is why everyone was surprised when he started dating Amber. She is fiercely independent, and Wilsons don't get a payoff from someone unless they are needed by someone. Wilson was essentially dating the female version of House. Why do you think Wilsons and Houses are friends? House is needy. He's just needy in a different way. Wilson is the opposite of House when it comes to his job as a doctor. He's very empathetic with his patients. He's actually the best doctor for having to tell a family that their loved one is dead. People seem to take it from him better. So Wilsons have a way with words where Houses have a gift for sarcasm. Wilsons always seem to give in to someone else's needs, thus ignoring their own, which can often leave them feeling drained and antisocial because they give too much of themselves away. (Wilsons never crumble in a day.) Believe it or not, Houses are good for Wilsons because they can teach them to set boundaries. Wilson has never learned how to set boundaries and most Wilsons never will. Deep down, Wilson is a lot more like House than anyone who sees the surface can ever realize. You Wilsons have kindness, compassion, and the gift of speech to get by. Further those skills for life.

100-109 Points, You are Chief of Staff, Lisa Cuddy…
Lisa Cuddy Pictures, Images and Photos
You are Dr. Lisa Cuddy. Cuddys are strong men and women. We don't know much about the family history of a Cuddy, because Cuddys are mysterious. You may find out interesting details, like a Cuddy's parent keeping his/her desk from medical school in storage. Cuddys thrive on being parents. They want a baby very badly. So, why do Cuddys give up so easily? So one woman decided to keep her daughter. I'm sure there are more women out there who want to put their babies up for adoption to a single person who is Chief of Staff at a well known hospital. Cuddys never give up on their discipline of House. They thrive on it…but they must admit something of a spark for Houses, especially if a Cuddy would share a long, passionate kiss with a House in what was supposed to be a nursery. Cuddys usually never show a point of weakness, but they must beware of giving Houses something to use against them. Meanwhile, Cuddys want a thing with Houses, but this will result in mixed signals from misanthropic House types. So Cuddys out there, keep your employees in line. Don't give up on children. As for House, that's something nobody can help you with…

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