Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Virginia Earthquake

The Dancing House [Prague, Czech Republic]

I was in the process of posting a blog when the bed began to shake and the doors swung in and out, creaking eerily as they did, cell phone service has been knocked out in some areas, including Newark Delaware, where my mum lives, and this was just a 5.8 to a 6.1 magnitude earthquake. My house was dancing a bit, but Thank God it wasn't looking like the picture above, but it still does not change the fact that I am freaking out a bit.
The areas that felt the earthquake so far...Huntington, WV; Ashland, KY; Ironton, OH; Columbus, OH; Charlotte, NC; Connecticut; NYC, New York (Even John F. Kennedy International Aiport has been shut down); South Point, OH; Newark, DE; Philadelphia, PA; Virginia Beach, VA; Williamsburg VA; Windsor in Canada; Detroit, MI; New England; Toronto; Parkville, MD; and so far, it is the largest recorded earthquake in the history of Virginia since May 5th of 1887. The North Anna nuclear power plant in North Anna. VA just shut down both of its reactors. Buildings in Washington DC have been evacuated. No injuries have been reported, but it was strong enough to cause things to fall in houses in certain areas of the East Coast.
The Manhattan District Attorney's press conference reguarding Dominique Strauss-Kahn was interrupted by the strong quake...
On You Tube, earthquake footage from a security camera in Parkville, MD is captured.
And if that is not enough, Hurricane IRENE should be tearing up the east coast any time now. And I thought I lived in a safe area of the states...

Update... 3:00 p.m. EST
A mile away from my mother & Arlene's home in Bear, Delaware, things were falling off of walls. Fox News reported that the Washington Monument may have tilted.

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