Monday, July 11, 2011

Holiday Weekend Updates

(From June 1st, 2010, Facebook Notes)

Good Afternoon,

Haven’t given an update for a while, so here goes…

I’m going to put this in sort of a timeline.

Friday (2010 May 28): Had a massive migraine complete with nausea, one sided numbness, vision loss, the whole nine yards. Cried for two hours straight. Fell asleep. Our satellite wasn’t working, so no television. I tried to make a phone call on the television remote control and thought it was hilarious. Doug didn’t find the humor in it. That’s about all I remember from Friday.

Saturday (2010 May 29): Doug’s dad got out of the hospital around nine that evening. Doug and I went with his mom to go get him. Ruth Ann corralled her kitties into an upstairs bedroom, and Doug helped his dad into the house. He now has a walker and a few other medical items to help him do day to day things. John was so thrilled when Ruth Ann pulled up in their driveway that he attempted to get out of the car by himself. Doug had to stop him. Got treated to sushi, thanks to Ruth Ann.

Sunday (2010 May 30): Church, where Pastor Dwight preached an amazing message. Slept most of the afternoon, then Doug convinced me to go to the hospital. Surprisingly, we didn’t have to wait long. They did a CT Scan and the results were normal. Meanwhile, certain conditions (like a TIA) will not show up on a CT Scan or even an MRI unless the condition is happening at the very moment either test is being given. So, I got a referral to a neurologist and was sent on my way. What do I do about the lack of movement in my arm or hand? Nothing apparently because they gave me no real instructions. *shrugs* The doctor did tell me to come back if it happens again, and indicated that I should come in every time something like this happens.

Monday (2010 May 31): Happy Memorial Day. Woke up at ten and found myself in a lousy mood. Got on the computer, but had a hard time cheering myself up. Couldn’t seem to find solace in anything. A friend of ours called to check on me, and asked what we were doing, then totally surprised us by bringing food over for a cookout later. It was the first real meal I had eaten since Thursday.

Tuesday (2010 June 01): DirecTV came and fixed the satellite. I slept later than I wanted to. Called for an appointment with the neurologist. Finally, a woman answered the phone. The woman asked me a bunch of questions I didn’t really have any answers to, then she told me I had never been a patient there before after pulling a chart on me from November of 2009. Still can’t figure that one out. How can I not be a patient there ever, but have a chart? I’ve never even seen this neurologist, but there is a chart. This is almost as confusing as that math question about the two trains. I pondered this for a moment, and the woman on the phone told me they hadn’t gotten the referral yet, and to try back Thursday and maybe they would have it then. I thanked her and hung up, feeling very perplexed. I didn’t see a doctor last November, much less one in whatever office that is, but I have a chart. *shrugs* As a matter of fact, the last time I seen a doctor was in August of 2009 after being hit in the head with a matchbox car that a three year old threw from the balcony above me. After I discovered that my head was bleeding, that’s when I went to the ER. To make matters worse, the guy at registration put on my chart that hot August night that I was hit in the head with a matchbox car and thrown from a two story balcony. No wonder I got back there immediately! *LOL*

Some things I have learned:

1. God still provides, even the little things you don’t necessarily need, but want.

2. Never get sick on a holiday weekend. It just doesn’t work.

3. Never buy flatware from Walmart. (I know it doesn’t apply, but it’s the unabashed truth.)

4. Trying to make a telephone call from the remote control is superfluous and futile, but it’s hilarious at the right moment.

5. Sometimes laughter is all you have.

Have a great day!

Just blurred.

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