Monday, July 11, 2011

Thirty Facts About Me

I composed this on the morning of July 4th this year, so it's recent.

1. My name is Shellye Townsend, and I'm a writer.

2. Most writers have mental illness and I am no exception.

3. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and major anxiety problems.

4. I used to be able to put the words "Panic Disorder" in the sentence above, but it's no longer a constant problem. It's still a part of my life though.

5. I am still under construction and hope to overcome my limitations with God's help.

6. I am also a Christian. I love God and my church so very much.

7. I have two cats...rather they have me. Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

8. I love all kinds of music, except for country, and often listen to it while I work on my book.

9. Reggae is my favorite music genre, and I've had great success finding Christian/Gospel Reggae.

10. I like fast music because my life moves very fast. I listen to Sanctus Real when I need to slow down.

11. I have a very excellent memory. It even amazes me at times.

12. From the test, "Are you a Lion, Beaver, Otter, or Retriever," I found out I am a LION (boldness, strength, a leader) and a BEAVER (precision, detail, goal & task oriented). I scored the exact same number on each, which means I'm fifty percent of each.

13. There are Five Love Languages. My love language is Acts of Service. To show you I care about you, I'll clean your house, pick up your dry cleaning, deposit money in your bank account, and take you places if your car breaks down.

14. I have very vivid dreams and remember every one of them. My average dream consists of trying to call someone, but the numbers on my mobile phone don't come up as the ones I've dialed. I also dream about being able to fly.

15. My favorite color is black. It's slimming!

16. When I'm angry and need to blow off steam or solve a problem, I hit the batting cages and hit until I feel better. I am a problem solver by nature. If I tell you what my problem is, I'm not venting, I want a real solution or I wouldn't have told you about it in the first place.

17. I was saved at a Judgment House at Christ Temple Church on November 2nd, 2003, on a Sunday night.

18. I have a variety of great friends God has blessed me with, and each one of them has impacted my life in their own unique and terrific ways.

19. I have a crush on Glenn Beck. Strange, I know. I think it's because he takes no sides. While doctors discussed the mercury in the H1N1 vaccine (mercury in MMR vaccines and autism are often connected), Beck held up signs reminding the public about how doctors used to think smoking and cocaine were beneficial treatment options. Thank God medical technology has advanced a little! Oh, and I did not get the H1N1 vaccine.

20. I love to study the bible and have studied for as long as eight hours at one time. I love to teach what God shows and allows me to teach, but I've been told I am difficult to follow, like Perry Stone, although I don't find him hard to follow. You just gotta keep up, that's all.

21. I want to be a doctor so badly!!! I am interested in the brain and how it functions, so I would probably be an neurologist. What's stopping me is the fact that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and faint at the sight of needles, blood and other bodily fluids to say the least.

22. I would like to be even more bolder than I am and double my memory.

23. I can be a very serious person, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to make people laugh! I love inside jokes, I love getting together with my friends and making them laugh until they cry! I also love to tell a good tall tale and keep my friends believing it, but Doug usually blows my cover.

24. I crave solitude, but I also hate it at times.

25. I act like I've got it all together, but I don't.

26. I am a morning person stuck on a late night schedule. I LOVE waking up early in the morning and having that time to myself. There's just something amazing about it.

27. I love watching old cartoons, like the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Penelope Pitstop, and the Chan Clan.

28. When I am nervous, the jokes start. When I'm REALLY nervous, I've been known to pass out.

29. I don't normally eat breakfast, but when I do, it consists of cereal.

30. All of the characters in my book are a reflection of me or what I want to be. Some are more of a reflection of me than others.

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