Monday, July 11, 2011

I Can't Believe It's Not Summer...

(Original Post, June 3rd, 2010 on Facebook.)

What a day! It is boiling outside! And Summer isn't until June 21st? I hate it already. Sorry guys, my heart belongs to Fall. I'm already counting the days until this heat is over. All of the things we've done today has got my internal body clock messed up. Seems like it should be eight o’clock in the evening by now. I’m ready for bed. How insane is that statement?

Today the plan was to hit the job fair. I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed and forced my sleep deprived body to get ready. Doug and I walked from our house to the building formerly known as the Huntington Civic Center. We arrived there a bit after ten. The place was already packed with people looking for prospective job offers. Most of them were dressed up. Doug and I dressed casually. Neither one of us wanted to walk in the heat in dress clothes, so we opted for nice shirts, jeans, and comfortable shoes.. Besides, I know what people must have been thinking when they looked at me today. I had my hair in a sleek pony tail. I didn’t put on any make up since I knew the heat would melt it away, making me look worse, by the time we arrived at the civic center. My eyes were constantly watering, blood shot, and hurt so bad that I had to wear my glasses. The tip of my nose was so red thanks to my allergies kicking into high gear this morning. I must have looked like I had been up all night partying. I told Doug I didn’t think anyone would want me to work for them just based on my appearance alone. *lol*

As Doug and I looked around, I realized how little prospects there really were. The companies participating were mostly minimum wage jobs or jobs that require medical training/degrees. Lots of jobs for nurses. Temporary services and colleges were there as well. There wasn’t really much to apply for, but sadly, I had more prospects than Doug did. I was able to submit one resume. Ironically, the company I submitted my resume to, I technically already work for them. I just haven’t been called for a job in a long time. I could have been a migraine worker, but not one company was hiring for that position. *LOL* (Those of you who have seen the Office episode about the job fair will know what I’m talking about.)

Doug walked around a few more times after I was finished. I think maybe he found a company that was taking resumes today, but I’m not sure. So, despite having a job fair, Doug still has to go to two different workforce/unemployment locations to apply for several of the jobs featured at the job fair. That’s almost as bad as me not being a patient at the neurologist’s office but having a chart there. Who comes up with this stuff? Honestly.

Doug and I walked over to Benny‘s Cheese Steak and had lunch. We don‘t go there very often, so Doug‘s suggestion to go sounded new and exciting. The guy took our order and asked if we wanted fries, chips, or onion rings. I thought he was talking about the English chips, not individually bagged potato chips. Of course, I was a bit disappointed. I thought it was kind of impressive that the guy knew what I was talking about.

Once I came home, I called the neurologist’s office again, and still no referral. It has been four days since I was seen in the ER and I am wondering why it is taking so long. Not saying the people I’m dealing with are not pleasant, because they’re very nice, they just can’t give me an answer. *shrugs* They transferred me to three different offices, and those three offices transferred me back to the person I called in the first place. I’m wondering if it was an actual referral or if it was a suggestion. I will try again on Monday. If they don’t have it by then, I‘ll tell them to call me if and when and they get it, and just move on. Things are not going to change whether I get the appointment or not. My only real chance of ever being healed or healthy is a miracle of God, and until that happens, I’m stuck. There’s not a thing I can do about it. This is one of those moments Marybeth describes where you don’t feel like learning anything from this situation. She’s right. I’m not sitting here asking myself, “What can I learn from this?” I’m sitting here, exhausted, trying to find a solution. That’s what us solution oriented people do. Forget the learning experience of it, I want an answer and I want it now! *lol* So there you have it.

That’s about all for now, and this day is not even halfway over yet. Let’s hope it’s nothing but relaxing.
I needed a laugh. Amanda Rogers posted this pic back in the days of Yahoo 360, and I've had it ever since. Anyway, here's your laugh for the day. My shirt would say "Coke, Frappuccino, and hot sauce."

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