Monday, July 11, 2011

Yep. It's Settled. We're old.

One last post from Facebook Notes. This one is from November 7th of 2009. Enjoy!!!

Hello and Good Evening.

I am not so happy to report that I found out something quite disturbing this evening. I’m old. Oh that lovely piece of information, while disturbing, is true. How do I know this? Well, I’ll tell you.

It’s been quite a busy day. I had an unexpected spring in my step. The sky was a robin’s egg blue, and everything seemed right with the world, even if that’s just for today. My ‘rent-in-laws took me out to eat after I ordered my contacts. We went to Flapjacks Tenampa. I got fajitas. It was good. Then it was off to Starbucks for a venti Chai Tea latte. I’m not real impressed with the same winter flavored lattes.

We arrived home and my ‘rent-in-laws decided to hang out until their dinner at Ponderosa with the Gun Club. Doug ended up getting green time, and I ended up driving them to the dinner, then Doug and I went to Baskin Robbins. They discontinued my favorite flavor, French Vanilla. I was crushed. I really would be better off if Baskin Robbins discontinued all of my favorite flavors. *lol* How else am I going to get “Body by Joni” you know? *LOL* Our little mini date was nice. We went to pick them up not too long after finishing our ice-cream.

A friend of ours had invited us to go to the skating rink. (This is where the story gets interesting, I promise.) We decided to walk down there after stopping by Kroger and getting some much needed (and not so much needed) items. The owner was nice enough to let us in for half price since there was only 90 minutes left until they closed. We found this friend of ours from church, and spoke with him for a bit. Then, we got our skates. Let me tell you something about skating; It’s not anything like riding a bike, oh no. You can lose skill, believe me. I nearly fell just trying to get up. Now I used to be an awesome skater, skate backwards, do all kinds of stunts. Not anymore. I was hanging on to the rail, begging and pleading for my life. Then to make matters sort of worse, then deejay comes out and hands us a schedule and says that there’s a family day. Doug and I looked at each other and realized we totally did not fit in among the ten and twenty-somethings. So here I was hanging on to the bar, and people were whizzing past me. Doug was hanging on to the bar behind me, asking me if I was okay, and all the while picturing myself as an 80 year old with lipstick on my teeth and a cane, hanging on to the bar, asking for directions. Yes, that’s how it went down. I kept explaining to the people who stopped and talked to us that I really used to do this. I wouldn’t have believed me either. *lptm* A few people were nice enough to chat with us old people. I got facebook and twitter info from two girls there. It was hilarious. One of them said I didn’t look 32. I would have given her money if I had enough to spare. *lol* She was all of 25 surprisingly. She noticed we didn’t have children yet because nobody had come up and identified me as “MOMMY, can you get me a glow stick? Please, please, PLEASE?” *lol* By the time we got the hang of it again, it was time to go. There I was once again, whizzing past some kids half my age. I wasn’t ready to do stunts again though, but I saw some amazing stunts going on out on the floor.

My first experience skating was at Camden Park’s skating rink. My dad took me. He was an excellent skater. (He seemed to be great at skating and bowling, and I used to have the skating gene, but I am 200% sure I didn’t receive the bowling gene. That’s another story for another time.) So I remember him helping me lace up my little skates, and leading me out onto the floor, me hanging on his arm, unable to keep my balance. I remember the old, wooden rails, and stopping slowly or suddenly meant the different between getting a splinter and avoiding one. If I wasn’t hanging on to his hand, I was hanging onto that wooden rail, trucking along. I was so brave. I gave it my best, whether I fell or not, because my dad was there to pick me up.

I didn’t think I would get so emotional about this, but let me just say something to any fathers who might be reading this. If you have a little girl at home, she really needs you in her life, from her first step to her first date. Your daughter needs you to be there for her, to pick her up when she falls. Please, all of you fathers out there who couldn’t work it out with your child or children’s mother, step up and be a dad. You have no idea what a difference you will make if you stay involved in your child or children’s lives. They will thank you for it, and they will grow up to be a healthier, happier person. Any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a daddy.

Sorry I went there. That was unexpected.

I finally got the hang of skating. By the time I was in grade school, I was quite good at skating, but I had no idea how to stop. So I would just slam into a wall. *LOL* All of my classmates at skating parties thought it was hilarious. One
of my friends was all like,
“And if you can't stop, just do what Shellye does and slam into the wall.” It was great. My only real concern was making sure I didn’t need to slam into the wall where the giant fan was, you know the old metal fans that were on every skating rink’s floor. I never understood why, but it was the same metal fan at every skating rink. What I didn’t understand was how all of them could use the exact same one. What did they do, take it from rink to rink? How? Yes, I was imaginative before I became old.

So tonight, I realized I had not been skating since I was 14. I was also reminded that I have not had the privilege of having an equilibrium since I was around twenty. I did find out some good news. All of the leg work I’ve been doing in aerobics really pays off. Despite getting part of my groove back and finding out that exercise will be your friend on the skating rink, as soon as I got back into my regular shoes, I tried to walk, but the people kept leaning the room on me. *lol* The walk home was quite fun because of this, but I made it. I dragged my old self almost two blocks and now I’m blogging for your reading pleasure.

Let’s recap. What have we learned tonight?

1. Exercise is important.

2. Skating is fun.

3. Skating at the age of 32 in a crowd of preteens and teens without being made fun of, PRICELESS!

I hope all of you old folks out there got a laugh while reading this.

Smile, Jesus loves you, and the world will wonder what you’re up to.Back when I was young. *lol* Circa five years old.

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